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The medical office buildings offer a free commingled recycling program that accepts a variety of materials in a convenient desk-side container. The service is through Seadrunar (opens in new window), and helps support their local drug and alcohol treatment center. Recyclable materials include mixed paper, certain plastics and metals, glass and cardboard. Click here (opens in new window) for more details about the program. By recycling, you help the environment, save disposal costs, and support this community resource. If you need additional recycling containers, please contact Building Management. Recycling containers are emptied by the night janitorial staff. All cardboard must be flattened by the tenant for removal.

For information on recycling for Floors A through 6 at Arnold Pavilion, please contact Swedish Environmental Services (opens in new window)

NE Retail

Retail tenants may participate in the commingled recycling program (opens in new window). Recyclable materials include paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic containers, etc. Please contact Building Management to request recycling containers and to request they be emptied when they are full. Flattened cardboard can be placed in the dumpster enclosure in the Madison Garage.

Note: Please note that confidential information and sensitive documents should be shredded before putting in the recycling containers. Please do not place any items in the recycling containers that you do not wish to be disposed of.


Click here (opens in new window) for more details about Seattle's business composting program. Please contact Building Management for more information about how your office can participate in the program and comply with the City's requirements.