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General Rules and Regulations

The following is a general list of Building Rules and Regulations. Please also refer to your lease agreement.

  1. Toasters, popcorn in the microwave or other possible smoke producing cooking is not permitted. Tenant shall not prepare any food or do any cooking (except for microwave cooking).

  2. No common area shall be blocked by the Tenant and shall be used only for ingress and egress to and from the demised Premises or the Building.

  3. No signs, advertisements or notices shall be attached to, or placed on, the exterior or common areas of the Building, or the parking areas or sidewalks without prior written approval of Landlord.

  4. No animal or bird of any kind shall be brought into, or kept in or about, the demised Premises or the Building, except for service animals, fish tanks and other approved displays. No bicycle shall be brought into the Building except in the garage or at an authorized bike rack.

  5. Tenant shall lower window coverings and turn off all lights prior to leaving for the day. Tenant, or Tenant’s agents, shall not bring or store in the Building or demised Premises, any kerosene, gasoline, combustible, flammable or explosive substance.

  6. No locks, bolts or mail slots shall be placed on the doors, windows or walls without the Landlord’s prior written approval.

  7. All move-in’s, move-out’s, carrying or removal of equipment, furniture or bulky matter must take place during the hours which the Landlord, or its agents, may determine, and Landlord will assign which elevator that the Tenant may use. Please notify Landlord three (3) days in advance.

  8. Tenant must obtain Landlord approval to use the Building name or photo in its advertisements Landlord reserves the right to exclude from the Building, outside regular building hours, all persons who do not present proper ID.

  9. All persons entering or exiting the Building outside regular building hours may be required to sign in and out if requested.

  10. Temporary notices are not to be taped, thumb-tacked, nailed or glued, etc., to entry doors or common areas.

  11. Any work, or contractor performing work, must be approved by Landlord. Tenant’s contractor, while in the Building, Premises or parking area, if any, shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Building, and will also be subject to direction from the Landlord or its agents, but will not be an agent or contractor of the Landlord or its agents. Tenant’s contractor shall be licensed by the State, insured and bonded at the amount requested by Landlord.

  12. If the demised Premises or any part of the Building becomes infested with insects or vermin as a result of the use or neglect on the part of the Tenant, the Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for the extermination expense.

  13. If, as a result of any governmental rule, regulation, or law, Landlord imposes a curtailment of services or a reduction of energy usage, the Tenant shall comply and shall be liable for any surcharges imposed upon Landlord for non-compliance.

  14. Tenant shall install and maintain, at Tenant’s expense, fire extinguishers, per any life and safety equipment required by governmental rules, regulations or laws to be kept in its Premises.

  15. Tenant and Tenant’s agents and employees shall park vehicles only in those areas designated by Landlord or Landlord’s agents. Tenant shall pay a fine to Landlord for each parking violation of Tenant, Tenant’s employees, agents, invitees or licensees.

  16. No additional air conditioner unit or heater shall be used without the prior written approval of the Landlord.

  17. No canvassing or soliciting shall be allowed in the Building or Garage.

  18. Tenant shall report all burned out lights, leaking faucets, plugged drains, electrical problems, etc. to Building Management.

  19. Tenant will not use the Building for lodging, sleeping or cooking, or to conduct mechanical or manufacturing operations.

  20. Tenant shall not conduct, in or about the Building, any auction, public or private, without the prior written approval of Landlord.

  21. Tenant shall not use any machines in the Building, other than standard office machines or equipment typical for a medical clinic or office as conducted by Tenant, without the prior written approval of Landlord. All office equipment and any other devices of any electrical or mechanical nature shall be placed by Tenant in the Premises in settings approved by Landlord to absorb or prevent any vibrations or odors within the Building.

  22. Tenant shall use the common areas of the Building only as a means of ingress and egress, and Tenant shall permit no loitering by any patients or visitors upon the common area or elsewhere within the Building.

  23. Landlord will furnish Tenant, free of charge, two (2) keys to the Tenant’s entry door. Landlord shall make a reasonable charge for any additional keys or access cards. Tenant shall not have any such keys copied. Tenant, upon the termination of its Lease, shall deliver to Landlord all keys to doors in the Building.

  24. Landlord reserves the right to restrict the amount of directory space utilized by Tenant.

  25. Landlord shall provide Tenant electricity and HVAC for normal operations during normal business hours. Any additional usage required by Tenant must be arranged with Landlord, or its agents, and shall be subject to additional charge.

  26. Tenant shall not contract or initiate any improvements beyond original Leasehold improvements without written consent of Landlord (this includes concrete and core drilling).

  27. If Tenant wishes to maintain a coffee machine, or like device in the Premises, a timer must be connected to the outlet into which said machine is connected to prevent the possibility of coffee pots being left on and presenting possible fire hazards.

  28. Tenant shall provide adequate security for storage of all drugs/medications used in its practice.

  29. Tenant shall comply with all governmental rules and regulations regarding biological, hazardous, or disposable waste and shall cause the removal of said waste from the Building in a manner acceptable to Landlord.

  30. Tenant shall report all theft of property or other crime to the Police Department and Building Management. Tenant shall report all slip and fall accidents or other potential liability claims to Building Management.

  31. Tenant shall not make or permit to be made any unseemly or disturbing sounds, smells, vibrations or disturb or interfere with occupants of the Building or neighboring buildings or premises.

  32. Tenant shall not install any antenna or other device on the roof or exterior of the Building without Landlord’s prior written approval.

  33. Smoking is not permitted in the Building or Garage, except in designated smoking areas.

  34. If Tenant wishes to have its Premises painted, then all painting will be done during the hours determined by the Landlord.

  35. Landlord reserves the right to revise Rules and Regulations from time to time as it deems necessary.